Sunday, 27 June 2010

Oh What a Lovely Day.................

For the last few months Mr RosieP has been very busy in and out of the garden, potting plants and making sure that Jack Frost didn't get to his babies, for his efforts the garden is well on it's way to looking glorious.  I've taken a few photo's of one side but they really don't do it justice.

Mr RosieP takes a lot of care over his plants and tries to get lots of colour into the garden.

This weekend the weather has been fantastic and I have tried to spend us much time in the garden as possible, sitting in the sun sipping the odd glass of wine, very civilised.  Even the cats have joined us (although not in the wine).  Chicco has found a nice shady spot for a short snooze.

And Mina loves to just relax.

Right I'm back off out for another spot of sunbathing.  See you all again soon.

Until then.......................


  1. aw, your cats are beautiful, Rosie! my cat Conrad's mother was a tortoise shell, like your Mina...what beautiful colors for a kitty!

    and tell Mr. P that the garden looks FANTASTIC!

  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely weekend!! Flowers look pretty and the cats look very content! Reckon you should sit back and have another glass of wine,

  3. Such lovely kittycats you have.
    And your garden looks so pretty too.
    Lisa x

  4. It has been a wonderful hasn't it? Glad you are enjoying the sunshine.

  5. We have to make the most of this weather, its been so fantastic long may it last xx

  6. Your garden is looking beautiful, you can see the hard work in it. Chin Chin x

  7. I'm very jealous of your lovely weather. We are in the depths of Winter here and I'm full of a cold to prove it! Love the garden. Just beautiful (and your cats seem to appreciate it too!). Ours follows Richard around the garden and lies on his newly planted veggie plants. Not very helpful at all!

  8. WHat cute cats, and such pretty tantalising glimpses of your lovely garden too! Suzie xxx

  9. Loving the kitties in the garden Rosie. My kitties follow me around the yard like guard cats.


  10. The garden looks great!

    Victoria x

  11. Erm Mr RP can get his butt over to mine to work a little magic!!!!

  12. How lovely! All those flowers to put a smile on your face. SueXXX

  13. yes, gardens in all their colourful splendor are meant to be enjoyed and appreciated! I'm happy to hear you are doing just that! enjoying the friuts of your labour of love!

    it looks darling!
    so pretty!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  14. You and Mr Rosie P, are doing a fabulous job in the garden it looks beautiful...hmmm maybe you can pop over and work your magic on my poor excuse for a garden ;)
    Happy sunbathing

  15. Cute cats! (and a lovely garden too). Enjoy your summer!