Saturday, 20 March 2010

Who Needs Bob the Builder!

As you all know today was the day that my Ikea unit was to be unleashed, very luckily for me the lovely Kelly of Kelly's Recipies for Life is my neice, how lucky am I and how many of you had worked that one out?

Anyway, she duly arrived with my sister Angel of Kissed by an Angel fame and a bag full of assorted screwdrivers.  It does help that she takes after me, in as much as we are both quite capable and able put these things together without too much shouting, well that and the fact that she has had an awful lot or practice lately!

All was going swimmingly and we managed to get all the various units assembled then came the task of attaching the middle unit at the top, how were we going to manage for one of us to hold it whilst the other screwed it to either side, so the ever resoucesful Kelly came up with the following idea, (must be because she is an engineer !)

We used one of the shelves and the foot (it can also be a freestanding unit up the other way) to hold it in position, what a fantastic girl the Kelly is..........

Look no hands!.......................

I really couldn't have managed it without her help, or without my lovely sister keeping us fed and watered.

Here is the finished article, I hope you like it, I absolutely love it......THANK YOU Kelly xx

I will do another post at a later date when the room is completely finished so you can see the rest of it.


  1. Jeez, you lot like to keep it in the family don't you 'hehe'. Is there anybody else waiting to come out ;)
    Units look lovely, good on you girlies.
    My OH hates it when I try to do anything not because I can't, was a single parent for years with a useless husband before that so always had to do it myself but he thinks it's a mans job and can only be done properly by a man lol, Yeah right.

    Beki xxx

  2. Family is so useful! I love that you and your family are secret family bloggers- so cool!

    The media center looks great- I have yet to go to an Ikea...but I'm thinking it will have to be soon after seeing so many posts on it!

  3. No matter where we live, we all know (a) Bob the Builder... Fun reading your post... Good Job, Bob the Builder :o)
    Have a happy weekend! xo

  4. Ooh that is looking braw and with Harry what a great team you made, I admit to not even managing Kinder eggs (that's with the instructions) so Ikea made goods are a no go unless Hubby 'translates' for me. I did manage one kitchen unit, I am VERY impressed with you lovely ladies.
    p.s are any pets revealing their true identity as family members 'who have a blog' too? Heehee!!!

  5. Great to see the girls doing a Bob the Builder - I usually start things, meaning well, but then I usually need the strength of my man to finish things off. Though to be honest, he's not much better than me and hates DIY.
    You've got lots of lovely shelves to play with now - have fun!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Hi Rosie! I do like it! wow! and all the room you'll have to show off all your pretties too! You girls did a great job! Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Jennifer

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  8. Looking good Rosie...

    and I just love Ikea...isn't it a fabulous place! everytime I go there I get lost in the winding isles! lol

    can't wait to see the rest of the room
    ciao bella

  9. Wow looks great! What a sweet supportive family you have.


  10. Well done ladies!! I'm fancying an Ikea kitchen, how are you fixed ? Thanks for stopping by. xxxx

  11. very good aunty.. looks great!!!

  12. Well done! The living room is looking great!
    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! xxx

  13. Looking good Jill!! At this point I would like to point out that Kelly takes after her auntie for flat pack assembly and not her mum!!! I am the caterer, clearer upper, and general dogs body - knees and hip permitting!! I have to say it was a fantastic idea though!!!

  14. Well I would never have guessed.
    Ikea unit looks good - now you just have to keep it tidy and dusted - thats the real hard part!

  15. You and Kelly did well... I feel I helped by having her practice on building my flat pack recently! ;o)

    Can't wait to see more pictures from your living room

    Victoria xx

  16. That is looking great! Looks really nice with the doors on and your stuff in!

  17. Goodness, so you are...and she is.....which means that she is...and you are all great with fab Ikea kits, are you all free in about 6 months time when I do my bedroom??

  18. oh wow! I feel like a dull girl ;) how incredible to have sister bloggers! and nieces! and people handy with tools. :D and all in the same family, at that.

    so glad to hear the unit-building went well! what a task that can be. Luke and I sympathize. ;) we still have two huge billy shelves, flat in their boxes, just calling our names...eek.

  19. How lovely, one big happy blogging family. Love the unit. Lucey xx

  20. Looking good with the help of the very resourceful Kelly. We are just about to order some Ikea bedroom furniture, I wonder if Kelly is free in a few weekends time for more assembly?!
    Lisa x

  21. Well done girls that looks fabulous! :) Xx

  22. It looks wonderful! I bet you have so much enjoyment form it. suzie xxx

  23. Oh wow you are all related that's lovely!
    Is there any other's you have forgotten to tell us about?
    The unit looks really good, well done all of you, bit of girl power going on there..Em x

  24. Hi to you!!! I came across your blog on 'Beautiful Dees' and I think its great, especially this post about Ikea. I have to say I can spend all day at that shop and not get bored!!!!I love it!!!Ive got quite a few 'billy bookcases' you can never have enough, your storage looks really good, and theres something about white that makes it classy! Anyway just popped by to say Hi and that I have only just started out in the blogging world, so if you get a chance please pop by and say hello? at

  25. Ok, first we learn that Angel is Kelly's mum and now your little secret is revealed. Darling is there anybody else hiding behind a blog? do tell luv!! I love your new unit, enjoy it in good health darling. You all did a marvellous job of putting together and how kind of you to pass yours to Victoria and the headboard. You are so kind and generous my friend.

    Love & Hugs

  26. Rosie, I didn't realize Angel was your daughter! :) I love the unit - it looks fabulous! A and I are going to have to shop at Ikea when I move to the UK since there aren't any *gasp* closets in his flat. ;) Your project was most inspiring!