Sunday, 7 March 2010

A Parcel Just For Me.................

I arrived home on Saturday afternoon to find that the postperson (have to be PC don't we !!!) had left a lovely package for was from my partner CraftyHelen@Home  in the Pamper Swap hosted by the lovely Michela at  this is what I received..............

Wasn't the packaging beautiful..

I love this card so much as it has all of my very favourite flowers on it.

Ooh, such pretty parcels, what can be inside them..............

A lovely Jasmine scented Reed Diffuser, three fab Yankee Candle Tarts and a beautiful rose necklace, what  lovely treats, I really do love everything, THANK YOU very much CraftyHelen.

I have also decided that as the card is so very pretty I'm going to put it in a photo frame as I think it will make a lovely picture.

Don't know what to do first, tart or reeds, hmmmmmmmmmmm.............

Until next time.............


  1. Hi Rosie! what a sweet surprise...I love yankee candle stuff... one day I'll have to post my collection. Enjoy your pretties! hugs, Jennifer

  2. Always nice to receive some goodies through the post.
    Lisa x

  3. Isn't it great, receiving mail! Love it. Your package looks so sweet, Enjoy it!
    Have a lovely week ahead! xo

  4. Hi Rosie!
    How quick has been Helen! She put together such a lovely package!
    I've started only yesterday working on my parcels ;-)
    Hope you're having a great weekend xxxx

  5. What a lovely swap parcel!! The car will make a lovely picture for your home!!

  6. What a lovely swap but how did I manage to miss that one, I wonder?

  7. What a treat to come home to such a lovely package!!

  8. What a lovely parcel, so much fun to open.

    Victoria x

  9. How lovely everything is I just love your site so lady like,and what a lovely parcel of things

  10. What a lovely package! I bet you are really pleased!

  11. Oh you lucky girl getting so much love in the mail. Have a marvellous week darling.

    Love & Higs

  12. Thank you for you comment. What a lovely blog you have here, Rosie :) xx

  13. Oh wow....... the rose necklace is such a dear.
    Crafty Helen eh! Lucky you!
    Michela's done a swell job hosting this swap. It was quick, easy, and painless.

  14. Looks so pretty, it's so nice to have a sweetly scented home. thankyou foe your lovely comments on my blog.
    love Louise