Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Day of Baking......................

Having watched Jo Wheatley win the Great British Bake Off I decided that I needed to start baking again, something I really enjoy but don't do nearly enough of, so after a trip to the supermarket to buy some supplies I set out to make some Cupcakes and a Bakewell Tart.

One of my favourite flavours along with Rose is Violet.............I know not to everyones taste but a flavour I adore, so I made vanilla cupcakes with a Violet buttercream, topped off with some edible glitter, I would have liked to put a little flower on the top but couldn't get any but as they were only for a bit of fun I wasn't too worried, also I need to practice using a piping bag.

Once these came out of the oven and were cooling I made a Bakewell Tart,  I did cheat a bit as I used a
prepared pie crust but I did make the Frangipane,  much easier than I expected so next time I have friends round for dinner I will be making this again from scratch, it tasted so much better than a bought tart.


 Next week I think I'll do a Lemon Drizzle Cake as this is one of Marcus's favourites along with some Coconut Macaroons.

Until then.................


  1. They both look so yummy! I would love a cupcake right now. :) Must bake more!

  2. Ooh. The cupcakes are just BEAUTIFUL. And I didn't even know violet was a bakery flavor! This is what you get for being raised in the US South...we think vanilla, orange, and almond extracts are fancy things indeed--and usually just for the holidays at that!

    And your Bakewell Tart looks so yummy, too. I applaud the baking spree, Jill. Life is genuinely /better/ with baking in it..

  3. Oooh coconut macaroons... yummmmm!!!

    Victoria xxx