Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Important Day for Sophie...............

Sunday saw a very important day for my Great Niece Sophie, her baptism.  What a wonderful day we had,  we are extremely lucky to have a good friend Trevor who is also a Reverend, yes we do call him Trev the Rev,  he performed the ceremony which made it very personal,  Trevor addressed Sophie quite a lot, who I have to say seemed very much to be paying attention, not bad for a nine month old.
Trevor is a great person and makes any service he does enjoyable.

The ceremony was held at The Abbey, Waltham Abbey a very special place. Sophie behaved impeccably, she didn't make a sound. Below is a picture of Sohpie being welcomed into the church.

I love the following picture as Sophie looks like a little Armish girl, needless to say the bonnet didn't stay on for long.

Marcus was very proud to be Sophie's Godfather, looks very smart in his suit, doesn't he ?

Kelly and James had a bit of a do after at a local Golf Club, very enjoyable.

Until next time............


  1. It was a lovely day for the lil Armish girl ;o)

    Victoria xx

  2. Hehe, Trev the Rev? That is amazing! Sophie is such a cute baby- love the bonnet.

  3. Aww-so darling...a happy day for all! Sophie looks a total dear in her bonnet.

  4. I really enjoyed the ceremony, Trevor was so funny!
    I'm truly honoured to have spent this important day for Soph with you and your family!