Friday, 8 July 2011


Master M is a member of our local tennis club, he plays there at least 3 times a week.  The club are allocated a certain number of tickets, to give everyone a chance they put all members names into a draw and Master M was one of the lucky winners of a pair of tickets. 

We had a choice of days but so as not to have to take Master M out of school I chose Saturday the 2nd July which turned out to be Ladies Singles Finals day and what a great match that was. Master M and the husband had a fantastic day, they saw Nadal doing a bit of training too !

Master M and the husband before the match started.

Such a wonderful experience for Master M, you never know the next time you see him there he may be playing ................................wouldn't that be exciting.

Until next time................


  1. Master M certainly looks like he enjoyed himself! Well done to him for winning the tickets!

    Victoria x

  2. What a wonderful day out for a young tennis player in the making!
    Lisa x

  3. How exciting for M to see professional tennis players! He looks alike his dad and they seem good partners in crime!