Sunday, 11 April 2010

Pictures of the Lounge..................

Finally as promised here are some pictures of my lounge.

This is the dining area that we have decided to turn into a bit of a study area and dedicate to the computer, it also makes a nice space for Master M to do his homework, so much better than it was before, and in typical fashion I forgot to take the before photo :-(  I am so rubbish at doing that.)
I am really pleased with how it has turned out, although at some point I will get back to Ikea and get the nice chair that Kelly has.............what do you think?

Here is another picture of my Ikea unit, as you know I am so very pleased with it so I thought you'd all like another peek at it.

Here is where we all sit, I really want to change the covers on the 2 seater sofa and the chair, but they are working out extremely expensive so I really need to start saving!

Hope you all enjoyed that little tour of my newly decorated living room.  My next post will be about my birthday and also I will reveal who has won my 'Baking Day' giveaway.

Until then..........


  1. Hi Jill, your living room is looking really lovely..and you've got some great paintings ;-)
    Have a very happy Birthday tomorrow!

  2. Hi Rosie - this is all looking lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.xx

  3. It all looks lovely...great unit! Wish my desk looked that tidy and neat...

  4. Your desk looks great, what a good idea..xx

  5. What a lovely room, it looks great. Take care Lesley.

  6. I love your desk, really ornate!!Its all looking good!!!I love IKEA!!!!!

  7. What a pretty desk!
    Lovely room too.
    Love Kathy xxx

  8. You've done a nice job and you will no doubt enjoy your space :) This makes me miss having a house to decorate as I'm in a holding pattern pending my upcoming move. Have a great week!

  9. It's looking lovely over at your place!

    I hope you've had a nice weekend, I have a little something for you that once again I've not got round to dropping off at J's for you.

    Victoria xx

  10. It looks so much better! Lovely and light!!!

  11. ooh, the entertainment/shelving unit is lovely---looks like a designer closet! So clean and organized...I love how beautiful organization looks, you know? sounds like it should be boring...but no!

    great job. and I applaud the homework station...a nice place to work is essential to good homework, I believe.