Thursday, 15 April 2010

Birthday Part II

This is going to quite a long post with lots of photo's so I apologise in advance......

As my birthday fell on a Monday, not such a great night with work and all, we decided that Saturday evening was to be designated as my night to celebrate with family and friends, so we went to our local noodle bar, a particular favourite with everyone, here are some of the photo's taken...........

This is me with my '50' badge received from my Nephew and his girlfriend Kelly.....(yes it does get confusing)

This little creation was from Kelly.....A huge Lemon cup cake, it was glorious.

I was very pleased with it......................and I did only eat a little piece, honest :-)

And now for some pics of the rest, first is Kelly and our friend Keith, followed by Janice, then Kelly's boyfriend James with his new best friend Master M....................

The next photos are my husband Mr RP, our friend Yasmin and the last one is of her husband John and my brother in law who you can just see on the end.

I really had such a lovely evening, followed by a bit of heavy head due to a glass or two of wine !!

Next installement the presents..........


  1. Lovely photos, glad you all had a fabulous time. I see the family resemblance, you are all gorgeous ladies, my compliments to your creator.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Wow that cake looks heavenly! Lucky you having such wonderful friends and familyx

  3. Looks as a really nice birthday! :-) Love the design of your blog.

  4. Pleased you had a great time. Cake lots great.

  5. Oh my word the cake looks fabulous
    As do all of you too!
    Lisa x

  6. Ha ha great photos! Glad you liked the cake!

  7. What a great cake - it really looks as though you all had a great time.xx

  8. Looks like a great night. Looking forward to the presents!

  9. Aahh so glad to hear you had a lovely time, it is lovely to see you all too! *giggle*

  10. Lovely to see photos of you all enjoying yourselves !
    love Louise x

  11. what a wonderful surprise of a giant cupcake! beautiful! :)

    and a noodles bar sounds like tons of fun.

    so glad you had a wonderful party!

  12. Looks like you all had a lovely time and you look lovely in the photo, so happy!!!! Have a great weekendxxxx

  13. What fab pics! Looks like you had a marvellous time.. I am happy you did! suzie xx

  14. Everyone keeps telling me about KD but I’ve yet to go, looks like you had a great night.

    Victoria xx

  15. Jill, you've got such a lovely gang of people around you, but most of all I like your make up! You look fab! xxx