Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year.............

Happy New Year to you all.

As I write this we are eagerly awaiting the delivery of my Great Niece, my darling niece Kelly is in theatre now giving birth to her little girl, there will of course be lots of photo's in due course, what a perfect end to a year that has been full of mixed emotions, lets hope that 2011 will be perfect for everyone.

I feel that after almost a year it's time I start using my real name on my blog too.



  1. Sooooo exciting!!! So nice of Kelly to arrange things so we end and start the new year with such great news!

    Happy New Year to you and the family,

    Love Victoria xxx

  2. Oh wow..!
    How exciting, I look forward to the news too.
    Have a fab New Year Jill...Warmest Wishes Em xxx

  3. SO excited for your family! what an ending to the year, and great way to ring in the new one!

    Happy New Year, Jill!

  4. Happy New Year Tante Jill!
    Many congratulations to you too!

  5. Hello Jill, thank you and
    many many happy birthday to you,
    it's a tremendous year!

  6. Manny good wishes on the pending birth for this New Year! Congratulations to all! I love the gift you received at your simply wonderful!

  7. Belated Happy New Year to you and yours! Congrats, too! :-)